Vitali-Chi Meditation Practitioner

This is a natural preventative health care system which revitalises depleted energy, improves sleep patterns, regulates blood pressure, and relieves tension and stress. This method is based on the healing system of acupuncture but does not use needles; it is a passive, non-mechanical health circuit that uses vibrational frequencies to rebalance the body’s natural energy system by allowing you to relax your mind and your body without any effort on your part. This is especially beneficial if you struggle with active relaxation techniques such as Mindfulness.

Vitali-Chi requires you to lie on a couch with copper leads placed on your hands and feet to create a “circuit” and you listen to a series of relaxing sounds (eye mask is optional) that address the frequency of each chakra. In essence it is a passive type of meditation that is boosted by the copper circuit and frequencies. This enables a profound relaxation which allows healing to occur, particularly when used in conjunction with other treatments.