What happens during a consultation?

The initial consultation usually last about two hours. Issues about confidentiality will be discussed. I will take some personal details including contact telephone numbers and an address. We will then discuss your history and the reasons that brought you to the consultation. Usually we will agree then a plan of action.

Follow on appointments can be either one or two hours.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on the nature of your concern. Sometimes people want dietary advice on the GAPs Programme and have been struggling to manage it alone. Sometimes one session is enough. Issues about depression, anxiety or personal difficulties may take several sessions of counselling for you to feel that you are able to move forward without further support.

Will my GP be notified?

Not usually. However, should you disclose that you or someone close to you is at risk of harm, it may be necessary to inform your GP. However, this will not happen unless I have discussed it with you first.

What sort of aftercare do you provide?

Our sessions will usually include some information of what you can expect after your initial and subsequent consultations. There may be some advice on “self care”, how to access help in an emergency, how to contact me for further support and an appointment for a follow on session.